At Southampton Road School each child is nurtured and valued by acknowledging learning styles as well as cultural differences. Staff, family, and community members will create an environment where students are individually empowered to succeed in becoming problem solvers. All students will make measurable personal and academic gains, as evidenced by continuing improvement on performance testing.


Provide students with educational opportunities to become problem solvers and productive members of society.

We will accomplish this by creating a school that believes in the following:

1. Learning needs to be supportive through a partnership of SRS staff, students, family, and community.
2. Students will be supported in a safe and caring environment and be part of its creation.
3. The foundation of Southampton Road School is respect; respect for self, others, and environment.
4. Extracurricular opportunities are offered to broaden each child’s learning experience and celebrate each child’s individual talents.
5. The administration strives to provide the necessary and most current supports for teachers.
6. Teachers will provide each student the most individualized education possible in a safe and risk free environment.