Learning at Home

Often parents ask what they can do to help their child learn at home. Below are many resources you can use to continue learning at home!


High Frequency Words or Sight Words are commonly used words that children are encouraged to memorize as a whole word by sight, rather than looking at letter sounds or spelling patterns. Often, these words are irregular words that do not follow regular spelling patterns. Students should be able to automatically read sight words we have practiced.

List of first grade sight words:
First Grade High Frequency Words.pdf

Ways to practice sight words  from your weekly "refrigerator copy":
Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words at Home
Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words
Dolch Sight Words

Sight words can also be practiced by reading the refrigerator copy nightly, writing words on a white board, or using flash cards.


Each week we will focus on specific spelling patterns. Children can practice both reading and writing words containing these spelling patterns. While we do not have spelling tests, the spelling words are a great way to practice reading and spelling these spelling patterns.

List of first grade spelling words:
First Grade Spelling Lists.pdf


Reading is key to overall academic success!

Why We Should Read Every Day
10 Ways to Make Reading a Priority
Reading Tips for Parents of First Graders

why read


In Westfield we use the DIBELS assessment to track some aspects of reading growth.
For more information about the DIBELS practice, Click Here

Practice with Phoneme Segmentation Fluency: Example Word List,   Practice 1 or Practice 2

Practice with Letter Naming Fluency: Practice 1 or Practice 2

Practice with Nonsense Word Fluency: Why Nonsense Words?,    Practice 1 or Practice 2, Connect 4, Go Fish

Practice with Oral Reading Fluency (*please note that the texts used for this assessment are often above students' reading level and that they should be reminded to just try their best*) : Practice 1 or Practice 2


Building math thinking into your daily conversations is a great way to help your child develop math skils. 
Parent Tips First Grade
First Grade Math at Home

For many children, practicing math fact fluency is also very helpful. Students can practice addition and subtraction facts and fact families.
Playing games at home can also help improve math fluency and understanding. 
Math Games at Home