Daily Homework

 Friday, April 12: Required: vacation math paper
                              Mythology book handout 
                      STmath goal: 78% please work on it over vacation! 
                              Read when you can 
                              Weekly reader due Wednesday after break  
                              Field trip permission slip if you haven't done it yet 
                              Have an amazing vacation :)

Thursday, April 11: Read for 15 min. 
                                  1 math paper 
                                   Yoga field trip paper (please pay in cash and return after
                                   Fourth grade graduation paper 
                                   sneakers for gym 

 Wednesday, April 10:  No homework!
                                     The students worked hard & we're very proud of them!
                                     Relax, rest and get some fresh air if you can :)

 Tuesday, April 9:  Bring back library books
                              no homework
                              *good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast

 Monday April 8: Read for 15 minutes 
                            1 math paper (2 sided) 
                            Explain genre paper to an adult and get it signed 
                            We have MCAS tomorrow, please make sure to get a good night
                             sleep and eat breakfast in the morning. You may bring in a small
                             blanket and a book.