Daily Homework


Friday Reflection Sheet:  Read for 20 min. (read chp. 30 of James and try to
                                         write a short summary)
                                         *Science Spin due Wednesday
                                         *we still need some pictures
                                         *stmath and learn mult. facts when you can
                                         :)  practice spelling test due Monday
                                         :) items for Italian basket

Thursday, Oct 18:  Read for 15 min. (finish chp. 28 of James)
                               bring a picture
                               *No Math paper because we took an online test
                                stmath & learn 2 facts if you can
                               *fluency paper due tomorrow
                               *Science Spin due next Wednesday
                               :) sneakers for tomorrow

 Wednesday, Oct 17:  *please bring in a small picture for me to borrow
                                  Read for 15 min. (finish chp. 28 for Friday and 1 more
                                  summary sentence)
                                  *Fluency practice for some
                                  1 Math paper (2 sided), stmath when you can & 2 facts
                                  practice spelling test due Monday
                                 Optional:  next books is The BFG in case you want to
                                 own your own copy.  I have many copies.

Tuesday, Oct 16:  :) Book Fair tomorrow
                              *New fluency paper sent home today, due back on Friday
                             *May we borrow a small picture of your child???
                             Read for 15 min. (W.R. due tomorrow)
                             Study the vocab words for the quiz
                             Read the bug  poems to 1 person
                             optional:  write a bug poem
                             No math homework but go on stmath when you can
                             *1/2 day of school tomorrow

 Monday, Oct 15:  Read for 15 min. (Chp. 27 of James & Peach due tomorrow,
                            a short summary is optional)
                             *1 Math paper (2 sided) and stmath when you can
                             *learn 2 mult. facts
                             *Please may we borrow 1 picture of you to photocopy
                             *Practice spelling test due next Monday