Daily Homework

Friday Reflection Sheet:  Disaster project due either Monday or Tuesday 
                                         after vacation
                                         *no fluency paper or W.R. so we can focus on 
                                           our project
                                         *Read "The Royal Breakfast" for Tuesday
                                         If we gave you flash cards, learn them & bring them
                                         *stmath should be around 55%
                                         *new date for practice spelling test is Wednesday

 Thursday, Feb. 14:  1 Math paper
                                Study for Disaster test (this counts for reading)
                                *sneakers for gym

Wednesday, Feb. 13:  Enjoy the snow day!  Please remember to bring
                                   your Valentine cards tomorrow.
                                   Also, many still need to return the conference slip.
                                   If you didn't get your homework done, now you have
                                   some extra time.

 Tuesday, Feb 12:  Read for 15 min. - Do the 1st two pages of Volcano packet
                              other pages are optional
                              1 Math paper - check answers with the answer key
                              *Fix mistakes from Monday night math
                              *library books
                              *extra time:  stmath, study for disaster test, Jojo's page

 Monday, Feb. 11:  Read for 15 min. (make sure you read "The Queen")
                              *return conference slip
                              1 Math paper (2 sided)
                              When you can, study for Disaster test on Friday (study
                               sheet sent home today)
                              *fluency paper was due today
                              *care package items
                              Jojo's page is due Wednesday