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 Get Out and Play!
 60 minutes a day! 

Looking for things to do at home?
Click on the link below for the WPS School Closure Plan

WPS School Closure Plan

In the upcoming weeks, I will also be posting fun stuff you can do at home to stay active.
Check out the PE at Home page for more idea!

 Today's In-Home Fitness activity:
 Fidget spinner fitness.pdf
Note:  You need your own Fidget Spinner for this one. 
If you don't have one, you could always use an empty bottle.

What are you doing to stay active??

Send me a photo or email: d.pelletier@schoolsofwestfield.org
I'll post the pictures in my photo gallery


** SNEAKERS are mandatory for safe participation in PE. **
Refer to the My PE Day page to find out what day you need to bring sneakers

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