General Class Information

Mrs. Moriarty's Kindergarten Class
News 2013


Hours - School begins at 9:00. The children may enter the classroom at 8:45 to get ready to start their day. Walkers should not arrive until 8:45. Dismissal is at 3:00. Breakfast before school is .75.

Lunch: Lunch is at 11:00.Children can buy a lunch for $2.10 or bring their own. Lunch money can be sent in by an envelope with your child's name and K-Moriarty written on it. It is helpful to send lunch money in a week at a time, if possible. I will forward the envelope to the cafeteria staff. Your child will be issued a lunch card to bring to lunch each day. It will be handed to the students right before lunch. It is a computerized lunch system. Milk (.45) can also be bought to go with cold lunch each day.
A change of clothes need to be sent in to keep in your child's cubbie.

Snack time - We will have an afternoon snack. A suggestion would be to send in two drinks and a healthy snack. Fruit and vegetables are encouraged.
                                         Our Class Specials:
Monday - Health and Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Technology

Thursday - Gym (students should wear sneakers)

Friday - Library and Reading Buddies

Quiet Time - After lunch

Sharing Day - Your child will be assigned a day to share something that interest him/her. An example of sharing would be something your child made, something related to nature, a picture or photograph, a book or part of a collection. I am asking children not to bring toys from home. Talking sharing is also encouraged. It will start the second week of school. Your child's day is _____.

Volunteers - I welcome parents to volunteer in different ways. Home projects and in school volunteer time will be offered. There is a volunteer workshop with me before volunteers come in the classroom. A CORI form needs to be completed by each volunteers.

Notes - A note is required when your child is going home in a different way than usual or is being picked up by someone different.

Math Program - It is an activity based program called EnVisions using manipulatives and activity sheets.

Literacy Program - Your child will be immersed in a literacy based classroom. All activities will go along with our school's literacy plan.We use The Reading Street program.

Handwriting Program -Handwriting without Tears

“Responsive Classroom Model” - Rules and consequences of our classroom. We practice acting out the rules and we develop the rules together. Our discipline plan will be sent home.

Birthdays - A healthy snack can be sent, but please check with me first. Please let me know if your child is allergic to any foods. There are 20 children in our class.

Book Orders - The children can purchase books during the year through the Scholastic Book Club. When purchasing, checks can be made out to Scholastic Book Club.

Social Studies, Science and Technology - A set curriculum is followed.

Kleenex and baby wipes are needed for our classroom. Each child can bring in a box.

Daily Folder - Each day your child will bring home a folder with important information.It will be a way for you to send special notes, lunch money, etc.

Projects and Let’s Find Out Class newspaper - I am asking each child to send in $2.00 a month for craft projects and $5.00 (one time) for our subscription to our newspaper.

Special Talent - If you have a talent to share with our class, please contact me.

Homework - A monthly homework calendar will be sent home with set activities. Please choose at least two activities each week. At the end of the month, please sign the calendar and return it to school.

I am pleased to announce that our class has a full time paraprofessional. Her name is Mrs. Foskitt. She is very qualified and she will be asset to our class.

I am looking forward to having your child in my class. The “Golden Rule” is the theme of our classroom. If you have any questions, please contact me by note or phone at 572-6435 from 8:15 – 8:45 a.m. and 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Other class needs:
A sturdy Folder to be sent back and forth each day. We do group sharing of supplies. Wipers, Kleenex, napkins are used daily. Donations of crayons, glue sticks, regular and colored pencils, regular and dry erase markers are always appreciated.

                                                                            Mrs.Jan Moriarty