Mrs. Obertz: Read 180/System 44

Welcome to Ms. O's and Mrs. Brunt's reading page.  Below are some ideas until we get back together:

Grade 1:
Practice writing your short vowels words.  (cat, pup, bed, dog, fin).  Create a chain to see how many you can put together. (cat, mat, fat, hat, etc.). Think of your "slide words" (-ink, -ank, one, -unk, -ing, ang, -ung, -ong). Can you create a funny story using short vowel words and slides?  For example:
The fat dog sang to the skunk on a bunk.  
I would love to see a picture of your stories when we are back together again! BETTER YET:  Type your story and send it to my email:
How about adding the "h" boys?  (ch, sh, wh, th)
The fat dog sang to the skunk on a bunk as she had chips and dip!
Don't forget those "Beat the Teacher" words:
the, I, a, is, in, if, it, what, who, have, said, and, to, they, put, are...Challenge an older person to a game of FAST writing.  Can you add a new word to this game? Remember, you DO NOT have to use a paper and pencil.  How about writing in crayon?  Do you have another idea?
Check out the words for Grade 2 below if you want more fun and...

Grade 2:
Can you find a new word in your reading today?  Remember how to spot the vowels and discover the syllables?  Not all words have our CVVC pattern, but see if you can find at least two.  Can you read the word?  Can you discover the meaning?  Keep a list of new words for me.  I would love to see if you can match what I find as I read.  So far, I have 10.
Challenge an older person to a game of "Beat the Teacher" (only this may be called "Beat the Older Person"). Look above at Grade 1 for the list of starter words and add :
could, would, should, Mr. , Mrs., Ms. Miss., they, were and ANY new word you find today!
Create a silly sentence (like we do on our whiteboards in class) using your "slide" words (-ing, -ang, -ong, -ung, -ink, -ank,-onk,-unk), "h" words (ch,sh,th,wh) and blends (cl,fl,dl, etc, and fr, dr, thr, str, etc.)
How many did I use in this sentence?
Chip had to fix the drip in the sink but should have washed his hands.
Email your sentence to me at

For an extra challenge,  look below at my "Word A Day" game! GOOD LUCK!
Hope some of you try this and I can't wait to hear from you!

Grade 3
How many "Smart Words" (new words) can you find today?  Keep a list.  (So far, in my reading at home, I found 10). Can you find the vowels in the new word?  Can you spot any common endings ("s", "ed", "ing")?  Can you see any prefixes at the beginning? ("a", "re", "pre").  Can you break the word into syllables? Do you know the word?  If not, how can you discover it's meaning?
I can't wait to see what you find for our class!  BETTER YET! SEND your words (in a sentence, of course) to me at
Use a new word in a funny story.  And don't forget the picture to go with it!
This example is from our book "SkyWalkers" and the "Smart Word" is "vertical":
My cat is now vertical after he saw me take out the treats for him.  This is a true story of mine so share yours! Write about your experiences at home.
Try my "Word A Day" challenge:
Students:  email me ( with the correct answer and I will respond back to you!
Today's word: STAMINA
What does this mean?  a) to jump on a donkey
                                                 b) strength to put up with something bad
                                                  c) a bucket with a hole in it
  GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear from you!

Grade 4

Use our "TREE" (Topic, Reason, Evidence, Ending) format to write an opinion paragraph convincing me that you have kept up on your reading skills during this home time.  Remember to indent the first line and cite evidence from any texts/online platforms that you have used. ("Title of your evidence" and paragraph)  I'll be looking for connecting language ("First", "Then", "Next", "Another reason is", etc.) and highlight new vocabulary that you discover. 

I am always looking for new books for our class Read 180 library. Do you have a favorite that you think other classmates should read?  If so, create a poster to tell us about it.  "Sell" it to us.  Why do you recommend this book?  Is the topic broad enough for all of us to enjoy?  When we get back together, I would love to have you tell us/show us about your recommendation.  You never know, I just may put your favorite in our class!!

Try my "Word A Day" Challenge:  Each day, there will be a new vocabulary word here.   Email Ms. O ( with the correct meaning and I will respond back to you!
Today's word is KINDLE
What does this mean?  a) To read in the dark with a torch
                                                 b) To get on really well (with someone)
                                                  c) To set fire to
GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to hear from you!