Mrs. Kosciusko Resource Room

                              Welcome to Mrs K.'s Page!

I am the resource room and inclusion teacher for kindergarten through third grade.  

I enjoy spending time in all of the kindergarten classrooms and getting to know all of the kindergarten students.  

When my first grade friends come to visit me in the Resource Room we work on strengthening their letter/sound awareness through the LIPs program and through word building activities.  I would be happy to provide copies of the visual we use to show what our mouth looks like when we make certain sounds.
We are also working on increasing our sight word vocabulary. These skills help us with text reading.  Weekly, I will be sending home sight words list that you can practice with your child at home.  
Each child is given a text at their instructional level, and they monitor their reading by making sure "everything looks right, sounds right and makes sense".  These are important prompts to use at home when reading with your child. Children are encouraged to bring book bags home to practice their reading with their grown ups at home.

I also use the LIPS program with the second and third grade friends who visit me in the Resource Room.  We will spending lot of time learning and understanding the "vowel circle".
These students will also be taking home sight word lists when there are sight words they need extra practice with.
We continue to read texts at our instructional level and are using Story Grammar Marker to help us re-tell a story and find the main idea. We are using the Read naturally program to improve our fluency.  Children are taught to use multiple sources of information to help them with their reading decoding and comprehension.  When picture cues are not provided for them, they are taught visualization and verbalization strategies.  My second and third grade students are also welcome to borrow books from my book library to read with their grown up at home.  

I love reading with children but I also love seeing them in their classrooms.  It wonderful to see all the children working together to participate in the learning activities.

My hope is that all the students I work with to feel confident and successful in their learning.