Mrs. Daggett Resource Room

Welcome to Mrs. Daggett's page!!!

I am the resource room and inclusion teacher for grade 3 and grade 4.  I provide skill based instruction for students who require specialized instruction in Reading and Math.
Here are some activities for children to do while we are at home.

****Weekly I will be providing activities for students that you can do while we are home from school. These skills have been previously taught.

WPS School Closure Plan

Grade 3 - ELA
*Keep a daily journal - writing down at least 3-4 sentence about anything.  Make sure your sentences have at lest 7 words!
*READ-READ-READ anything you are interested in!
*After reading a story or article write about your favorite part or what the story was about.  Just what we have been doing daily in reading.  Remember 7 words to a sentence.

Monday-March 30

Grade 3 - Math
*Practice multiplication facts using flashcards or make your own.
*Make your own multiplication chart like we have been practicing.
*Practice addition and subtraction problems with regrouping, remember to count up when subtracting and when adding put the larger number in your head and count up.

Monday-March 30

Grade 4 - ELA
*Keep a daily journal writing down at least 3-4 sentences about anything.
Remember to put 7 words in each sentence.
*READ-READ-READ anything you are interested in.
*After reading a story write your favorite part 4-5 sentences and remember 7 words in each sentence.

Monday March 30th

Grade 4 - Math
*Practice multiplication facts using flashcards or make your own and quiz someone.
*Make your own multiplication chart - you are getting to be experts at doing this!!
*Practice double digit multiplication problems and Big 7 division problems.  Remember with division problems to complete the problem the way you feel the most confident in.

Monday-March 30

Please stay safe and healthy!! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me here.

Thinking of all of you!!
Mrs. Daggett