PE at Home

Physical Activity is so important to stay healthy!
You should get 60 minutes a day of physical activity that makes your heart beat faster.
The best thing to do is get out and PLAY! Go for a walk, run around or a bike ride!

If you can't get outside, here are some things you can do at home to stay physically active.

         Today's 5 minute Family Fitness Fun Challenge
                       Chalk it up to Fitness.docx
Fidget spinner fitness.pdf    PE fortune teller k-2.pdf                       Tabata style work out - no equipment needed
                      Shake it Off dance video with Coach Ben Pirillo

You might also like to try:

Yoga on YouTube:
Cosmic Kids Yoga (K-4)

iPad Fitness Apps:
VT Body Weight - great for making a workout routine (free version has limited exercises)
There are also other VT produces such as VT Kettlebells.
Fit Deck - You can choose from many types of card decks to create the type of workout you  are looking for.
Sweat Deck - In this app you can assign exercises for each suit plus bonus exercises for the                            Jokers. Once you have assigned the exercises, you can start your workout.