PE at Home


If you haven't already, make sure you email me 4 different activities you have been doing to stay active (photos are optional) by June 10th.

What are you doing to stay active?
    ** Each week you need to send me an email ( and tell me what you did for activity on your gym day. You can also send me pictures and I will post them (with your parent/guardian's permission) in my photo gallery.

Physical Activity is so important to stay healthy!
You should get 60 minutes a day of physical activity that makes your heart beat faster.
The best thing to do is get out and PLAY! Go for a walk, run around or a bike ride!

If you can't get outside, here are some things you can do at home to stay physically active.

         Family Fitness Fun Challenges 
Star Wars Workout
Disney Dance
Neighborhood scavenger hunt
Indoor 15 minute fitness workout
Happy Dance
Would You Rather
Tabata Workout 1
Snakes and Ladders
                       Chalk it up to Fitness.docx
Fidget spinner fitness.pdf    PE fortune teller k-2.pdf                        Tabata style work out - no equipment needed
                       Shake it Off dance video with Coach Ben Pirillo

You might also like to try:
Go Noodle

Yoga on YouTube:
Cosmic Kids Yoga (K-4)

iPad Fitness Apps:
VT Body Weight - great for making a workout routine (free version has limited exercises)
There are also other VT produces such as VT Kettlebells.
Fit Deck - You can choose from many types of card decks to create the type of workout you  are looking for.
Sweat Deck - In this app you can assign exercises for each suit plus bonus exercises for the                            Jokers. Once you have assigned the exercises, you can start your workout.

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