Mrs. Smidy

Course Information

QUEST Program

Teacher’s Vision:

To prepare out students with the skills needed to succeed in school, as well as out in the community.

Assessment Techniques:

Students are evaluated by various methods, such as hands on activities, short quizzes to check for critical reading skills and comprehension, in-class writing assignments, presentations, group projects, research assignments, homework, class participation, progress monitoring, and tests.

Attendance Expectations:

It is important that you come to school every day. Since all instruction is sequential, you will benefit from coming to class each day. Conversely, missing classes will be detrimental, as consistency and following routines is crucial to your child’s success.

Classroom Management:

In Quest, students will take part in an incentive program (PBIS) to encourage positive behavior and learning of proper social interactions that will aid them in everyday activities. While we praise positive behaviors, there are times that negative behaviors will need to be addressed, so they can be replaced with a more beneficial behavior. If your child has a behavior plan in place per his/her IEP, that will be followed in addition to the classroom management. Having a positive attitude about the work at hand, listening well, respecting others, and generally working to your ability and potential will contribute to a positive and productive culture of the class.