MCAS Information & Resources

MCAS Information

(Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) 

In fourth grade the students are tested on their Long Composition,  ELA Reading Comprehension, and Math

In March,  the students will be taking the ELA Reading Comprehension part of the MCAS. It is 2 sessions long (one session per day). This test consists of reading passages and multiple choice questions. Open-response questions are also part of this test. Open response questions require the students to answer a question accurately with details from the reading passage.
The Mathematics portion will be administered in May. This test, taken over two days, will assess each student's grasp of the math concepts taught in 4th grade.

The MCAS tests are based on the standards set by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Westfield’s curriculum is aligned with these standards.

 The students are exposed to the same types of higher level questions throughout our school day.

SRS students go into the testing situation confident and ready to go!