A book carrying a boy named Jack,
Said Jack would never be back,
Jack was so mad.
He wanted to be bad
So he threw his pack!

By: JT, Ben, Alyssa and Erika K.

There was an old lady named Pat,
Who had a very scary hat.
But she has a cute kitten,
That was caught in a mitten,
That was the end of the cat.

By: Kyle, Michael, Erika M. and Kayla

My homework is gone cried the boy,
My dog thought it was a toy.
I'll get an F not that my dog at it,
Now my teacher will throw a big fit.
I'm very sorry Mrs. Coy!

By: Joey, Cameron, Chris B. and Chris D.

There was a young boy names Tim,
Who didn't know how to swim.
He needed some help,
He got caught in some kelp.
His mother finally helped him.

By: Jeremy, Kyana, Aleks and Daniel

A lion who slept in his den,
Ate a person named ben.
He was strong like hulk,
He has hair in bulk,
People call him Ken.

By: Andrew, Emma, Ryan and Charles

A jump roping girl names Fran,
Who liked to throw a pan,
She had a friend called Sally,
Who lived in a bowling alley,
and had four hands!

By: Garrett, Carson, Sophia and Megan