Comparisons are fun-to-solve analogies. A word is missing from each analogy. Solve the missing word for each analogy.

We will revisit these analogies during morning meeting next week! Enjoy!

Oink is to pig as cluck is to __________.

Pencil is to __________ as paintbrush is to canvas.
Purple is to grapes as __________ is to strawberries.
Scarf is to neck as glove is to __________.
Scissors are to __________ as pen is to write.
Ship is to captain as __________ is to pilot.
Shoe is to foot as hat is to __________.
Sing is to song as __________ is to book.
Sleep is to tired as eat is to __________.
__________ is to father as daughter is to mother.
Three is to triangle as eight is to __________.
True is to false as __________ is to wrong.
Turtle is to slow as rabbit is to __________.
Up is to down as ceiling is to __________.