Weekly Word Challenge

chick***Our Weekly Word Challenge will begin during the 3rd term of fourth grade***
anxiously - adverb and trudged - verb

From having worked with the class for an entire term, I can honestly say that we really need to improve our writing skills.  This includes word choice, complete sentences, sentence structure variety, revising, and editing (basically everything).  The students tend to write quickly without giving enough time and thought as to the BEST way to express themselves.

To help build their sentence writing skills and vocabulary, we are beginning something new called, " Weekly Word Challenge."  Every Friday, I will give the class 2 words, 1 will be a precise verb and 1 will be an adjective or adverb.  Precise verbs are much more powerful in writing than general verbs.  For example, "went" is a general verb, while "trotted, trudged, and galloped" are precise verbs.  "Saw" is general, while "peered and gazed" are precise.  The students have until the following Friday to turn in 1 quality sentence for each word (they can also put the.  Feel free to give suggestions and help.  We will choose 1 winning sentence for each word and give a prize (runners up will also be chosen).  I will also type up all the top sentences for the students to read and analyze.