Fun Learning Links!

Here are some fun and educational links for you to enjoy! - Test your knowledge in reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and math by taking the Mr. Anker Tests! - Use this site to play some fun math, reading, spelling, and grammar games.  - Research information about different topics.  - Play all sorts of interactive games that include the following: math, language arts, history, science, music, and sports. - Play vocabulary games, keyboarding games, and much more!

Math Specific Links: - Print out math worksheets for extra practice on a variety of topics. - Play interactive games to help practice the multiplication facts. - Solve word problems and play some exciting math games. - Practice the math facts online. 


                                              Southeast Links:  - race against the clock to try to locate the Southeast states! 
- choose one of the quizzes/games to test your knowledge of the Southeast region - a multiple choice states and capitals quiz

- states and capitals online puzzle game