Daily Homework


Friday, October 18:  Read 20 minutes
                                  *Chapter 27 only
                                  *W.R. due Wednesday
                                  *Practice Mult. facts
                                  *Practice Spelling test due Mon
                                  *Return library books

Thursday, October 17:  Read 15 min
                                       Study vocab words for quiz
                                       Math paper
                                       Sneakers for Gym
                                        Study math facts for 5 min

Wednesday, October 16:  Read for 15 min (chps 24, 25, and 26 due Friday)
                                          *Math Paper
                                           *Practice mult. Facts for 5 min

Tuesday, October 15:  Read for 15 min (chps 24, 25 and 26 for Friday)
                                    *Study 10 vocabulary words for Friday's quiz
                                     *Review practice test & answer key for Wed. test if you didn't
                                       Finish it, do so & correct it with the answer key
                                     *Practice mult. Facts for 5 min
                                     *W.R. due tomorrow 

Friday Reflection Sheet:  Read for 20 min. (chps 22 & 23 due Tuesday)
                                         *Extra Credit is James' Seagull Plan
                                         *practice spelling test due Tuesday
                                           W.R. due Wednesday
                                           *Fluency paper due Tuesday
                                            *if time, practice mult. facts & stmath
                                            *letter sent home about my conference next week
 Thursday, Oct 10:  Read for 15 min. (chps 20 & 21 for Friday)
                               1 Math paper (2 sided)
                                study the vocabulary words for tomorrow's quiz
                                *practice mult. facts for 5 minutes
                                *W.R. due next Wednesday
                                sneakers for gym
                                *finish your paragraph from today

 Wednesday, October 9:  Read for 15 min. (read chps 20 & 21 for Friday)
                                       *learn the new vocabulary for Friday's quiz & this
                                         counts for reading time
                                       *new fluency paper sent home & it's due back on 
                                       *no math homework except for learning the mult. facts
                                       *Writing Journal Topic:  Mt. Greylock (if you went)
                                       Write for at least 10 min. (1 full page)
 Monday, October 7:  Read for 15 min. (read chps 18 & 19 & Science Spin
                                  for Wednesday)
                                  Math paper due Wednesday
                                  Practice spelling test due next Tuesday
                                   *Family Night at the Book Fair tonight
                                   *We're going to the Book Fair on Wednesday

                                  *pick up child at 6:30 following our Mt Greylock trip

                                  *no homework on Tuesday