Daily Homework


March 30:  I have been posting everything on google classroom so check there first.  It doesn't make sense to duplicate everything.  Also, when needed, I am sending out parent group emails as well as individual emails.  Please feel free to email me anytime at:

*new postings today on our 4/2 Zoom meeting and links to Art and P.E. webpages

Hello Everyone! 

Since school is closed for at least 3 weeks, please continue to learn.  I've posted a great CLASS CHALLENGE on google classroom!  We now have brainpop!  I hope many of you try it.  Also, this is a great time to get caught up with stmath and sharpen your skills by going on iReady reading and math, and learn the mult. facts you don't know.

*Also, it is very important to play, get fresh air, and help your family by doing chores. We will all get through this challenging time and be stronger on the other end!  Take care, be well and I miss all of you!
Mrs. Korzenecki

 Friday, March 13: Read for 20 min
Optional Math Paper!
                                Study for disaster test (Monday)                                 ST Math when you can
Blizzard Bags sent home JUST IN CASE school is closed for                                    more than two days. If this happens, please make sure your                                        child completes all three writing assignments carefully and
                              puts forth strong effort.  Feel free to guide and advise them.
                               Also, stmath, iReady Reading and iReady Math should be
                              worked on if you have the technology. 
(all Blizzard Bag assignments are also on the school website)

Thursday, March 12:  Read for 15 min. (disaster test tomorrow - study)
                                    Math paper
                                    stmath when you can

 Wednesday, March 11:  Read for 15 min.
                                      *Study for Friday's disaster test (counts for reading)
                                       1 Math paper
                                       stmath when you can
 Tuesday, March 10:  Read for 15 min. (W.R. due tomorrow)
                                  Stapled math
                                   *stmath when you can