Daily Homework

Friday Reflection Sheet:  Read for 20 min. (Chp. 10 "Frobscottle & Whizzpoppers"
                                         due Tuesday.
                                         W.R. due Wednesday
                                          *Holiday concert is Monday - dress up if you can
                                          *stmath and mult. facts when you can
                                          *return report card envelope
                                          *Rauri's page due next Friday

 Thursday, Dec. 13:  Read for 15 min. Chp. 9 due and fluency paper was due
                                 1 Math paper (2 sided)
                                  *sneakers for gym
                                  stmath when you can

 Wednesday, Dec. 12:  Read for 15 min. Fluency paper due tomorrow
                                   *Chp. 9 "Bloodbottlers"
                                    1 Math paper
                                    stmath when you can

 Tuesday, Dec. 11:  Read for 15 min. (W.R. due tomorrow), fluency practice
                               Chp. 9 "Bloodbottlers" for Friday
                               1 Math paper
                               *Study Northeast states (the capitals are extra credit)
 Monday, Dec. 10:  Read for 15 min. (Chp. 8 "Snozzcumbers due Tuesday)
                               *New fluency paper due back on Thursday
                               *W.R.  due Wednesday
                               *4 mult. problems
                               *stmath when you can