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                  Welcome to Ms. Paradis'            
                 3rd Grade Classroom

                         Click here for the:

      WS K-4 Elementary Plan for Remote Learning.pdf

*Update: Please keep checking our Google classroom everyday and your emails since our distance learning is evolving daily. If you haven't signed in, please do so now.

1. Go to
2. Click on the blue Sign In button in the top right corner.
3. If there isn’t a blue Sign In button, click on the waffle (nine dots) and click on Account.
4. Username is: student name and six digit # (no spaces- example: The kids know their 6 digit number.
5. Password is: the student’s computer password at school (Four letter word w/first letter capital, and four numbers)
6. You should see your initial in a colored circle in the top right corner next to the waffle
7. Click on the waffle and choose Google Classroom 8. Select which classroom you would like to access.

Hello to all of you! I miss you very much and think of you everyday! In the mean time, check your emails. Please let me know you are receiving them. I have reached out to everyone either by email or phone or both.

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I am checking ST Math, IReady Reading, and IReady Math daily, so please keep working. You should be working on each for 30 minutes a day. Please log in through Clever as always. When we return I want us to be in a great place to continue our learning.

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Consider completing the awesome Scholastic Learn At Home Daily Activities in the drop down menu on the left. I know how much you love our daily storytime. I highly recommend Story Time From Space also in my drop down menu.
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I will be posting instructions for our Google Classroom so please be looking regularly for updates.You will need to login into your Westfield Public Schools email and accept my invite.  In order to do that, you will get on and click on the GMail icon in the waffle. You will see my invite waiting for you! When you open the invite, click JOIN and you will be placed in our classroom.

This is a helpful slideshow about google classroom.
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Parents can use Khan Academy to help there children with instruction if needed. Here's the link to this great parental resource:

ogether we can continue your child's education through these unusual times.

Be safe and incorporate family time and games as much as possible. Get outside and play on the good weather days.

Love, Ms. Paradis

Your child should already have their basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts memorized. Your child should be working on memorizing  division facts through 0-12.  A child is more successful when solving word problems and reasoning tasks when their mental math ability is strong.


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Be sure to have your child read for at least 30 minutes each day. As I tell the students, if you want to be a better reader you must READ! There is no secret formula.
This is a great resource for books:

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Look on my drop down menu to the left for some great enrichment sites, resources, and activities.



Parents you can also access Mystery Doug for free. The students love these Science videos we use in class. There are samples about Renewable Energy and Germs on my drop down menu on my web page.

Other great options for enrichment math opportunities are: 

This neat link let's you explore animals:

A good get up and move resource, that students are familiar with from SRS, especially when kids can't get outside is:

Lastly, some fun STEM activities can be found here:

Please access the district closure document below:

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