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Welcome to Mrs. Broderick's 2nd Grade Classroom

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  Important Information Concerning School Closure Plan

Dear Parents,

Yesterday I set up a Google Classroom Page for parents and students to access important information, updates, and enrichment opportunities.  Below I have provided a link for parents to help navigate through this process. I am also providing the link to the School Closure Plan as well as a link for Mrs. Ks students, as well as any other students that are interested in the enrichment activities. Now, for students to log into Google Classroom, they will need to login to their WPS email to accept the invite.  First, get on and then click on the GMail icon in the "waffle/tic/tac/toe" and view the invite awaiting them! Next, when they open the invite that I have created, they will need to click "JOIN"and see that they have been placed in my classroom. 
 Epic is all set up! I just need to get emails uploaded so it should be up and running soon. 

Here are a couple of links to our specialists and support staff:

Mrs. Murphy: Mrs. Murphy Art Studio

Ms Pelletier:


Mrs. Obertz and and Mrs Brunt:

 Lastly, I'll be checking in to my Google Classroom and my website regularly throughout the day. If you have and questions concerning any of the information that I have provided, please don't hesitate to email me at: or have your child send me a message on Google Classroom.

To My Super Kids,
Be sure to practice your reading daily, work on math practices with math flash cards, XtraMath, and ST Math. And be sure to go outside to get some exercise, fresh air, and explore nature!

Stay healthy!

Mrs. Broderick

Hello Parents,

     Welcome to 2nd grade! I'm looking forward to an exciting school year! Below you will find our special schedule. A weekly newsletter will be sent home bringing you up to date with our classroom news, lessons, and activities! Please check and initial your child's planner daily and look for upcoming events and other important information.  Please be sure to check communication folders daily as well.

Tuesday- Gym
Thursday-Library and Technology

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me with a note, phone call 572-643 or an email:

Looking forward to a great school year!

Mrs. Broderick