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  March News           From 2L

Dear Parents,

       We’ve completed our sixth month of grade two! This class is excellent thanks to your child.  The following are some messages aimed to help your youngster have a successful year with us.


1.  We still have some families that have not provided their child with headphones for computer use. The programs we use in class require headphones.                                                       

2. Be sure to clip and save the Boxtops for Education for the products you buy.

     Thanks in advance for your attention to these notes.  I continue to enjoy this year and will give your child the best I can.



Class web site is :

I update this weekly so please, log on and check it out.



Day 1 - Day 6 February 27-March 6

Reading Street :  Froggy Fable
Weekly Question: How can familiar things help us with changes?
Main StoryA Froggy Fable

Genre: Fable


Reading Concepts Drawing conclusions 
Spelling Principle- final syllable "le"
ankle, cable, bugle, giggle, title, purple, bundle, sparkle, apple, able, bubble, tickle.
High Frequency words: 

Amazing Words: preserve, valuable concentration, homeland, represent, tough, frown, patient

Math-Topic   2 digit addition with and without regrouping.

Science- Solid, Liquids, Gases

Upcoming Important Dates


Finger Pointing Down 


The WPS has new Guidelines for Life Threatening Allergies.  There will no longer be food at school celebrations and parties.

 "The use of food for curriculum and instruction or special luncheons during the school day will be restricted upon approval by the principal.  The use of food as a reward in any classroom will be eliminated, unless otherwise specified in an IEP or 504 Plan.  All schools will require that any parties and celebrations during the school day be food-free."

ST Math at Home
 Mrs. O'Donnell is encouraging the kids to work on STMath at home. I have assigned "homework" that they should be able to access at home.  15 minutes per night is the recommendation.  When the achieve 50%, a "JiJi" necklace is award at our monthly school-wide S-T-A-R-S assembly. 

                    JiJi necklace awards so far
Jaida O'Driscoll 70%                          Dane Cavallon           67%
Hannah Allen 67% Brooke Germaine 54% Jacob LaVertu 54% Colin Leonard 54% Mara Grabowski 53%

                             Audience Clapping 

                                      We clap for you kid!  

         Day 1-6 Word Work Cycle

On Day 1 of Reading Street, your child will bring home a list of 12 words dealing with the week’s spelling or phonics principle.. They will do various practice skills with these words in centers throughout the week. On Day 6 we will review.                                                                                 

  Corrected work is brought home daily in their folders.  Please spend a moment to look over your child's work.   Positive praise and parental help can do wonders for a child's self-esteem.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns.  I will stamp papers “Review With Parent” any work that I feel deserves your attention.  


                               GYM is Friday

                                                    Green Sneakers

            Please, Please, Please!!!
    Wear your sneakers on Friday !


 Gym day is Friday  . Please have them bring their sneakers as class gets special award from Miss Pellitier for 100% sneakers! 

             Library is Monday 

                              Snoopy Reading
Library is on Monday  .  Please remind your child to return their books on this day.

                                          Image result for brown university shirt

            Brown Day

Thursday is BROWN DAY in 2L! Now there's no excuse, wear your brown shirt.

Computer Time

  Try to log on to  You can go over problem areas with your child.  Your user name is your Student number (no WPS)  and the password is
"password." They can also use Lexia at home.  Your child should be able to log in no problem as they know their user name and password. Also we'd like you to get on STMath daily for at least 15 minutes.

Thanks for looking here. Hope this is a great way to keep you informed.