First Grade News!


SRS First Grade Plan as of March 20, 2020:

  • Do Blizzard Bag (hard copy or online at the SRS Website)

    • Day 1 in week 1

    • Day 2 in week 2

    • Day 3 in week 3

  • Do iReady Reading

  • Do ST Math until your child reach 100%, then please switch over to iReady Math

  • Movement/ Brain Breaks


Authors Reading their books

  • Mindfulness Live Lessons


We’re sending our love and happy thoughts, and

hoping that we’ll all be together again soon!

Mrs. Fisher

Mrs. Mason

Mrs. Fucci

                                                       First Grade News

                                                      October 25, 2019

Well, you can feel it and I don’t mean our crisp, fall air!  It’s almost Halloween! My friends are trying their best to stay focused and on task but it’s a little tricky at times with all the excitement right around the corner! I have several special activities up my sleeve this week that will help us to connect Halloween to curriculum in fun and creative ways. Check in with “you know who” about these as the week progresses.


 NEW Word wall Words: she, take, up, what and because.

*** See the” Refrigerator Copy” of these words along with other skills you can practice at home with your child.  I will be speaking to each of you at our Parent’/Teacher conferences about these “Refrigerator Copies,” Nonsense Word, practice and oral reading fluency passages that will begin to come home shortly to help your child’s reading fluency.

NONSENSE WORD FUN and PRACTICE will be on going!

Character Words: Leading by example

Word Work:  Short a and -ck and Short i will be introduced

 Literacy Elements- The characters, setting and plot of a story help a reader to understand a story. Ask your little friend if they can discuss these topics with you.


    What makes a sentence a sentence? Ask “you know who?” what they know about the traits of a sentence and the “GRAMMAR JAMMER” that is helping us to understand these traits.

Science/ Math/ Literacy-

The characteristics of a pumpkin will be explored in a variety of ways!

Math- LARGE PUMPKIN Measurement- Weight (TODAY and TOMORROW)!

 “HOW MUCH DOES A PUMPKIN weigh!”  We will begin to explore the concept of weight but this time with LARGE pumpkins. Using an old- fashioned doctor’s scale and 5 very large pumpkins this concept will be explored.

Check in with “you know who” about out

  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to all the moms who were able to come in this afternoon and carve pumpkins!  In a follow up lesson TOMORROW, we will weigh our pumpkins again now that they have been transformed into Jack O’ Lanterns and see if anything has changed for them. We will discuss and learn the concepts of Greater Than and Less Than and also get to the bottom of EXACTLY how many pounds our pumpkins may have lost and how we go about figuring this out! Check in with your “DATA COLLECTOR” about our pumpkin/Jack O’ Lantern results complete by Wednesday!

Spider Math! Understanding Bar Graphs and analyzing results is on our list for the end of our school week!

A Take Home NON-STANDARD measurement activity with begin to rotate through your homes beginning this FRIDAY!! We have 3 bags rotating so you should expect for a SPIDER BAG to arrive home over the next 8 school days. Please return the bag in a timely manner so that it can make its way quickly for its next home visit! Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Writer’s Workshop- Look for us to use our large pumpkins to go across the curriculum once again and explore our understanding of adjectives and nouns as we BRAINSTORM and get ready to write. “Writing is Thinking” and we will put our ideas to work!

Special “Witch’s Brew” creative writing is on our list! See if your child can give you any details about this toward our week’s end!

Mindfulness- The 5 S’s, the Shark Fin, Start with Heart and the Inner Explorer song! What are these practices? Check in with “you know who!”

STEM Week- The Massachusetts state theme was “ZERO WASTE CHALLENGE” and our learning occurred primary last week! Check in with “your little somebody” about some of its DETAILS! We will be tying up loose ends on Friday of this week! Expect us to “LOOP BACK” in the Spring when I will do much teaching around Earth Day!

 Our Halloween Party is Thursday, October 31st. No costumes please! Don’t forget to check in with your little friend about the details and some of our special activities at our party. Thank you in advance to all planning, helping, sending in supplies and coming in to help us celebrate! Please know how much you are appreciated for this and for EVERYTHING you ALL do!!!  I am so grateful and so are your children! It takes a village as they say and I am so lucky to have you all! You are the BEST!!!

TOMORROW, September 29th is a half a day of school with PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES in the afternoon! I’m looking forward to meeting with you all! Many of you are scheduled tomorrow but those I am not see then are scheduled either Wednesday, September 30th, Friday November 1st or Wednesday, November 6th! I Please note your day and time on the confirmation slip sent home last week!

  Have an amazing week! See you all soon!


                                                                   First Grade News

                                                   October 15, 2019

   I hope you all enjoyed the L-O-N-G, beautiful holiday weekend with your families! We are “right back to business” here at school and had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY together. This newsletter begins with it some “just around the corner” and “end of the month” information for your planning purposes.

 *** Our FIELD TRIP to MEADOWVIEW FARM is THIS THURSDAY!!! If you have NOT sent in your child’s permission slip please do so by TOMORROW! Sadly without it, your child will not be able to attend! A gentle reminder too that a BAGGED and LABELED LUNCH FROM HOME is NEEDED for our lunch together at the farm that day!
   Halloween is still in the SHHHHH! mode here at school it’s important to keep my peeps focused our “business at hand”. Don’t worry, we will slowly work our way in that direction and this fun- filled, exciting holiday will be incorporated into our learning in a variety of way across the curriculum. As I always say to my little peeps, you’ll have to “stay tuned for the details.”
  Our Halloween party is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st. A room mom may be in touch with you about this event. If you are not contacted, you HAVE NOT been overlooked. You will be contacted to help in some manner for another class event. F.Y.I.  Our WONDERFUL PTO to generates the ROOM MOM list and designate a HEAD ROOM mom or two but everyone will have the opportunity to be involved in our classroom activities if you are able and have the desire at some point in our school year.

Pumpkin Carving (Math/Science/ Literacy connections) - Monday, October 28th from 12:45-1:45ish . I am looking for 5 volunteers to carve Jack O’ Lanterns on this date with a small group. SHHHH! “Mums the word” as they say my little friends have no information about this yet!  If you’d like to join us please send in a note to let me know. To those parents who have already volunteered, “YOU ARE HIRED!!!! andI THANK YOU in advance!  You will hear from me shortly with all the details! J

 EARLY RELEASE/ Parent/ Teacher Conferences-

October 29h CITY-Wide afternoon conferences. Look for more information to follow shortly. I will be doing the best that I can to grant you your conference wish on either this city-wide conference day or one of the days surrounding it. If you have not filled in your Conference request and returned it please do so as soon as you can. My hope is to see ALL of you to “CHECK IN.”

 “PHEW”who knew there would be SO MUCH information to relay this week! Now onto our “what’s up” here at school and a peek into this week’s learning.

 Here is what we have planned


Our NEW principle has been “Every word has a vowel.” “You can hear and say the middle part of a word.” Some words have the same sound in the middle.”

 We have been exploring the sounds of short a. This will continue this week along with exploring the -ing ending.

Consonant Clusters- will be introduced a word study principle will be introduced conrcted to this as well.

NEW Word Wall Words : eat, five, four, her, this, too , saw, tree, small and your.

Character Words- leading by example

 Ready for Workboard (Our Center-Based Learning and Practice)- The beginning of our daily Teacher Table and Guided reading is HERE and to get ready for this and become INDEPENDENT we have begun to learn and practice our Wordboard procedures INDEPENDENTLY. Your little friends have been introduced to many centers in the area of Literacy CONNECTED to their learning. The centers have been introduced and practiced both whole group and NOW Independently. Many more centers will be introduced and practiced over the next several weeks. Ask your child if they can share some of the activities they have been doing with their group.

FULL CENTER ROTATION will be completely underway by weeks’ end!


Math- Pumpkin MEASUEMENT!!!!! 

 Estimation and measurement! What are these?! Your little friends used their pumpkins from our field trip to Meadowview Farm to begin their exploration of these topics!!! Check in with them about the “DETAILS” as we make our way through these concepts!

 Math- (NEXT WEEK!) Addition begins as we MAKE NUMBER SENTENCES and make CONNECTIONS with TURN AROUND FACTS. Look for a quick peek at of nonstandard measurement to begin next week. Connected to this will be aTake Home activity for nonstandard measure. It will begin to circulate beginning at the END of NEXT week. Please remind your child to bring it back to school the very next day.

CHECK in with “you know who” about our NEWEST addition to SOME of our daysour MATHBOARD finally underway SOON!!!  We will be PRACTICING, and they will be READYHOORAY!

 Social Studies: Our study of COMMUNITIES continues”check with “you know who” about this. See if they can DEFINE what a community is and talk about at least 3 communities that THEY belong to.

 *** A SPECIAL CLASSROOM project and mailing are underway for a SPECIAL SOMEONE connected to one of the members of our classroom family. Details will follow upon its completion in next week’s news.

 Science: (FINALLY!!!) Our first experiment will be UNDERWAY this week!!!! Ask your young scientist about this and the “PREDICTIONS and OBSERVATIONS they have been making!

 Writer’s Workshop- Special seasonal writing. Ask you know who for the DETAILS throughout this week and next.

  Handwriting- Lowercase letters continue


 The practice of our “MINDFUL MINUTES” will become part of our DAILY SCHEDULE THIS WEEK! This daily practice will occur after lunch recess each day just before our Math time. We are using the guided Inner Explorer model and I will be adding different areas of enrichment to some of our techniques as we progress. A Parent Portal and its information is forthcoming!  I will be speaking to each one of you at CONFERENCE TIME about this. If you choose, you will be able to learn more about your child’s daily practice by listening in. Perhaps you might like to incorporate some of these practices at home.


 BOOK IT!!! Coming soon! What’s this you ask?! “STAY TUNED FOR ALL THE DETAILS!”

 Enjoy our BEAUTIFUL, CRISP and COOL Fall weather!

   Have a wonderful week!!!    Sincerely, Laura Fisher

First Grade News

                                               September 26, 2019
  APPLE BAKING and OPEN HOUSE and SCHOOL PICTURES! OH MY!!! This news comes late in the week with much of its content rolling through NEXT week! Apple baking was our highlight today!!! It helped to set the stage for our cross-curricular journey to begin and extend through next week and beyond!  Check in with “you know who” about the details of our day! Our taste testing and DATA collection will begin tomorrow beginning in our classroom. There is much to learn and understand. Once accomplished we’ll be headed “OUT ON THE ROAD” as we say to SURVEY our faculty in a special way!   

   ENORMOUS thanks and appreciation to those parents who volunteered to work with a small group to accomplish this goal! You ROCKED it as did the kids who “knocked my socks off!”

  Here is a “SNEAK-PEEK” into NEXT WEEK!


  Word Study Principle- “We stretch a word and hear the sounds from first to last.” We will focus on this practice and learn that “a good reader uses this as a practice to solve unknown words.”

“Every Word has a vowel.”

Ask your little friend about our NEWEST addition we call “Making Words” to help us in our understanding!

 The Sound of Short a. “Some vowels sound like their name and some vowels make a sound that is different from their name.”

 Comprehension:  The Story Elements- Character, Setting and Plot.

“A good reader needs to know the parts of a story to understand it.” Knowing and being able to identify the characters, setting and plot of a story helps a good reader understand a story and is important to their comprehension.

 New Word Wall Words- in, my, on, come and way

 Character Words- Responsibility

 TWO WEEKS AWAY!: Ready for Workboard ( Our Center-Based Learning and Practice)- The beginning of our daily Teacher Table and Guided reading is ALMOST HERE as my little friends get ready for this and become BOTH INDEPENDENT and learn COLLABORATIVE practices. We will begin to learn and practice our Wordboard practices and procedures. Your child will be introduced to many centers in the area of Literacy CONNECTED to their learning. The centers will be introduced and practiced whole group. As we practice these procedures your child will become more independent and responsible in their learning.  This will lead to BOTH INDEPENDENT and COLLABORATIVE practices with their “Color Groupmates” during center time so they know and learn” just what to do! Many more centers will be introduced and practiced over the next several weeks.

 NEW and just around corner: CHECK OUT the NEW REFRIGERATOR COPY of SOME of our Literacy skills. This will accompany our weekly news and be directly connected to our learning in literacy. Look for NONSENSE words to begin to arrive too!  Thank you in advance for using these tools to help in your child’s learning as you practice and reinforce their learning and understanding. 

 Writer’s Workshop: HOPES and DREAMS completed. Look for “YOUR HOMEWORK” to arrive home CONNECTED to this TOMORROW!

 Your child will become a “newspaper reporter” and write a little about these topics! A Special “SHARED WRITING” activity is in store for my peeps to prepare for Open House but “mums the word” on this one! You’ll just have to “stay tuned for the details” once again!

 Math-   Number Sense continued with the Monster Numbers help, we have been encouraged to learn more about our number words. Ask your child about the class chart we’ve created using the “Interactive Writing form.” This will be used in our classroom as a “tool” in our learning. We will also begin to explore the concepts of “more and fewer” with both single and double-digit numbers. See if your child can “define” these terms for you. Expect us to continue our learning about MAKING NUMBERS and NUMBER SENTENCES as well. 

 FYI: The Apple Bags are still traveling. Please send them back in a timely manner. J

 Handwriting- Lowercase letter practice begins!

 Science- Apples, Apples, Apples   Our STUDY of apples and the CYCLE of an apple tree BEGINS! Ask your child what needs to form and bloom on the apple tree before the fruit is able to form. See if they can talk to you about the parts of an apple and their purpose. Check in with them at the END of NEXT as we begin our FIRST EXPERIMENT in science and learn about becoming a FOCUSED OBSERVER and learn HOW a “SCIENTIST OBSERVES and DRAWS CONCLUSIONS!

 We will also loop back into literacy and learn about FACTS and OPINIONS. Using our new found knowledge about apples and the cycle of growth of an apple tree we will test our understanding of these new concepts! Something tells me your peeps will have no trouble understanding these NEW VOCABULARY words and their meanings. See if your child can fluently discuss the meaning of these with you!

 Literacy/Math/Science connection:

 Social Studies: Our school community continuedWe’ve had 2 special guest readers with another on the way NEXT week! Check in with “you know who” about this and the questions we’ve complied in “SHARED WRITING” as we BRAINSTORMED and COLLABORATED on questions for our honored guests. Ask them who these guests have been.

 MINDFULNESS: The stories What Does It Mean to Be Present, Mindful Monkey Happy Panda and Puppy Mind were introduced and read as a springboard for our classroom discussions and to help in our understanding of “being focused and present”. I began the process of teaching “our kids” HOW to “Drop in.” A process of calming and “checking in” with ones self. How do we feel in “our body, our heart and our mind.” This process is connected to the breath and learning how to look inward and see HOW we are feeling. Our understanding of this and other calming techniques will grow as our understanding multiplies. See if “your little somebody” can show you what this “looks like.” Ask them to model this for you. They may even be able to guide you practice with them. Ask them “how they feel” after this practice. If you are interested please watch, “Just Breathe” By Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films).  This was used as part of my teaching connected to the “dropping in” process. It is narrated by children who really do an amazing job articulating and modeling so much for my little friends.

 During our “MINDFUL MINUTES” practice we tried to find our “STILL QUIET PLACE inside, paying attention to our breath once again. We watched and listened to Dr. Amy Saltzman who helped us to practice this technique. If you are interested in seeing and listening to this. Go to: Look under the heading “Resources.” Expect us to listen to, use and practice Dr. Amy’s advice on “The Flashlight of Our Attention” this week. If you’d like a “sneak peek” you can find it under the “Resources” heading as well.

 The practice of our “MINDFUL MINUTES” will become part of our DAILY SCHEDULE NEXT WEEK occurring after lunch recess each day just before our Math time. We will be using the guided Inner Explorer model and I will be adding different areas of enrichment to some of our techniques as we progress. Expect information to arrive home in your NEXT newsletter connected to this including information for a Parent Portal where you will be able to learn more about your child’s daily practice by listening in. Perhaps you might like to incorporate some of these practices at home.

 ***PLANNERS: Please note: Writing our message is part of our daily routine. Your child should be reading their message with/to you each day after school. They NEED to have their planner at school to complete this job. This is one of their “first grade responsibilities.” Gentle reminders may be needed to get them in this habit of bringing them back school each day. J

 New games-   Cut the Cake

Sign Language- The Alphabet

 *** Our FIRST Field Trip to Meadowview Farm is scheduled for Thursday, October 17th with a rain date of October 18th. PLEASE see it attached to this news TODAY and RETURN your child’s permission slip and trip fee as soon as you are able! Expect this fun and learning to continue at school as we EXTEND our experiences from Meadowview in a cross-curricular way. “Stay tuned for the DETAILS” as we get closer! 😉

 **** A CURRENT TOP OR SHIRT belonging to your child is needed BEFORE our Open House. PLEASE send this in A.S.A.P. It is connected to a special something in our classroom that evening.

 OPEN HOUSE is this Wednesday, OCTOBER 2nd! I am looking forward to seeing you! DON’T FORGET to bring your “HOMEWORK” to bring in on this night!

 ****OPEN HOUSE Raffle Basket- FAMILY GAMES! If you are able to donate a family game of some kind please do so A.S.A.P.. The PTO is collecting these now to ready them to raffle on the night of Open House! There is still time!

 ***CONFERENCE PREFERENCE SIGN UPS- Look for them the Night of Open House!!! They will be one the Teacher Table!

 ***FYI- The Scholastic Book Fair is October 7thh- 11th. Our “PREVIEW date will be Monday, October 7th (during school hours).  You are invited to FAMILY NIGHT HERE at SRS for this fair Monday evening 10/7from 6-8pm. Our classroom PURCHASE date will be Wednesday, 10/9th with a MAKE-UP day if you forget on Thursday, 10/10.

 ***Pumpkin Carving! Classroom/Cross-curricular activity: Monday, October 28th from 12:45- 1:45ish! I will be looking for 5 volunteers to help on this day! You MUST be CORI checked! Shhhhhhh! Mums the word!

 Halloween Party- Thursday, October 31st! Details soon! No costumes please!

 Just around the cornerSEESAW! I promise the DETAILS of this are just around the corner!

  Have a wonderful weekend and coming week!  See you Wednesday evening for Open House!

                       Sincerely, Laura Fisher



                                            First Grade News

                                          September 16, 2019

    The season of Autumn is almost here. The change in temperature has been a welcome one making our work environment more comfortable for learning. Our first full week of school was a success with much fun and learning. This week will be no exception. ONWARD we GO!

Here is a little peek at our week:


  Word Study Principles-  

“We say a word and hear the sounds from first to last.”

 *** A good reader and writer S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S a word to HEAR the sounds from first to last.” Our work in our understanding of this will be ONGOING. We will begin with CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) REAL and NONSENSE words, focusing on their BEGINNING, MIDDLE and ENDING SOUNDS. Hearing, S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G and blending these sounds INTO words; then moving toward our ultimate GOAL and our ability to look at words and KNOW our sounds SO WELL we are able to read them WHOLE WORD. This will take MUCH time and practice and will occur in a great number of fun, engaging and interesting ways!

Adding to this NEXT week we will review our understanding of rhyming words and the following principle:

 “Some words have end parts that sound alike. They rhyme.” “You can hear and connect words that rhyme.”


 Making Words-(Friday) Check in the “you know who” about this!

 New Word Wall Words- for, here, where, do and look.

Character Word- Respect

  See if your child can tell you about the story we’re reading and the connection between rules and respect for all.

 We are ALL SRS STARS See if your child can give you a “SNEAK PEEK” about our school ACRONYM and its meaning! ;)

 Math- The monster numbers will pay us another visit at the end of last week but this one a more helpful one.  They will “watch over” us after arriving and have a few things up they’re sleeve to help us continue in our learning and add more depth to our understanding of NUMBER SENSE. Check in with “you know who” about the details of this visit if you haven’t on Thursday.  We will work with our number words and continue learning about “MAKING NUMBERS.” See if your little friend can talk to you about QUICK IMAGES and the “SNAP IT game. They will be playing “Snap It!” INDEPENEDENTLY and with their new “LEARNING BUDDY” NEXT week! 

Tally marks and Color Words and counting OH MY!!! Our NUMBERBOWS were created TODAY in an activity that CONNECTS all 3 of these individual fields of understanding and challenge your little somebody to connect them and show their ability to manage 3 different tasks to accomplish this goal! HOORAY for them! They all did this with FLYING COLORS after the process was modeled during “teaching time.”

 Take Home Bags- Apple Bags will FINALLY begin heading home THIS week!…Thank you in advance for your support and for returning the activity in a timely manner. The children will eagerly be waiting their turn. As each child returns their bag they are involved in some special classroom sharing to “TEACH” their fellow classmates and “show what they know! “Ask them about this.

 Writer’s Workshop: “EXTRA! EXTRA! RAD ALL ABOUT IT!” What’s this all about you ask? Your child will BECOME a REPORTER for the first time in first grade! Writing and illustrating an article about what they LOVE about school! “Stay tuned for the DETAILS” as you “check in” with this little somebody you know and love! Give us until about Thursday to accomplish this goal!

 Social Studies- Community building continued from our “Hopes and Dreams” our classroom rules are being formed. We will be writing them together the interactive writing form. LOOK FOR a SPECIAL something to arrive home for YOU a little bit of HOMEWORK shall we say that will HELP your child to KNOW what YOUR Hopes and Dreams are for them! DETAILS will follow SOON!!!!We will begin talk about members of our school community and who are a part of it. Special guest #1 should arrive NEXT WEEK!!!. Check in with your child about this.

 Handwriting:  Name practice, FROG JUMP letters are on our list! Ask your child about this handwriting procedure.

 PLANNERS:  I thank you for taking the time to review your child’s planner message with them each night and reminding THEM to bring it back each day!

 Sign Language- The Alphabet


*** Check in with “you know who” about this activity that has a FEW INTERESTING twists!***

See if they can fill you in on the DETAILS!”

 MINDFULNESS in our EDUCATION:  Our learning connected to MINDFULNESS in our daily practices both personal, daily and academic.

Our learning and understanding will be ONGOING throughout our year and encompass everything from soup to nuts as they say! Much time will be dedicated to the learning and understanding our own thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as understanding the intricacies and nuances of communicating and having understanding for others (empathy). From mindfulness in the social/emotional aspects of who we are, how we feel and what we know and do to the academic parts of our learning. This teaching began on DAY 1 of our time together this school year and is being INFUSED into your child’s learning in every respect and aspect of each day. The teaching of this and its MANY parts and layers has begun as we spend time “thinking about our thinking,” becoming “ aware” of what we know and how we feel and in turn learning how to verbalize all of these things. This includes our ability to share our emotions, thoughts and feelings; and the ability to think critically about what we know both about ourselves and our academics. We are and will continue to learn about our awareness of all of these pieces along with learning practices and strategies connected to calming and coping strategies and self- care.  Look the MINDFULNESS bullet of information in each newsletter as I will share the process of our learning and invite you carry over and to practice some of these ideas at home if you choose.

 FYI: Our Library day is MONDAY of each week. Please remind your child to bring back their library books on this day.

 *** REMIND your child to bring back their sticker chart and daily planner each day. 😉

***A CURRENT TOP or T-SHIRTis needed for a “Something Special” for Open House!  It will be returned the next day. Please send it in A.S.A.P.!!!

  Outdoor game- Cut the Cake!

        Enjoy the week!

            Sincerely, Laura Fisher 





                                            First Grade News

                                            September 9, 2019

 Our first week and a half of school has just FLOWN BY!!! Your children are quite good at their new routines already. More routines will be added to their plate this week. I’m sure they will fall right into these as well. They are impressive little people.

 Here is what we will be up to this week


   Word Study Principle-We will continue to work with our names and add the next principle to the mix.

 It is, “We say one word for each word we see in writing.”

 NEW   Word Wall Words- and, the, like, went and are.

 Character word-Kindness continued

*** Please review these words with your child along with the previous words.


  Number Sense continued well, the monster numbers arrive sometime this week and manage to make quite a mess in our classroom. SHHHH! It’s a surprise!!! Your children will become MATH DETECTIVES and collect clues left by each monster. Ask your child about this and about our letter to the monsters we will write COLLABORATIVELY in the “shared writing” form. The monster numbers will return this time not causing mischief but helping us with our number writing and number words.

Check in with your child about the unique way we made our numbers this week and ask them about our NUMBERBOW! We hope to have all these areas completed by week’s end.

 Math Journal- We will begin with our first Math poem, “Dragons at My Door.” See if your child can describe their personal illustration for this poem. We will be off to surprise unsuspecting classrooms with our FIRST “POETRY ATTACK!!!” If you’re not sure what this is check in with you know who! J

 Cross-curricular FUN! What started with our “Hi New Friend!” morning greeting and developing our interpersonal skills practicing the “ART” of conversation, good-eye contact, and learning and practicing speaking and listening will continue to morph and go CROSS-CURRICULUR! WHERE to you ask? Well, here GOES into Art and becoming a “DESIGER” to MATH and a “HANDS ON” PATTERNING REVIEW to SOCIAL STUDIES and a special way to WRAP-UP our understanding of it ALL including what CROSS- CURRICULAR MEANS!

***Check in with “your little somebody” about all of this AND how they worked in a group to DESIGN their own SPECIAL pattern COLLABORATIVELY using OBJECTS or THEMSELVES!!! Ask them to fill you in on the DETAILS!!!

 A “SNEAK PEEK” into Math next week will bring Beginning Addition- “MAKING NUMBERS” We will learn about “parts” of numbers through 10 and how to write an “addition sentence.” See if your little friend can talk to you about this including what both the plus sign and equals sign REALLY mean!

Take Home, Take Home, Take Home- The Apple Bag will begin to circulate through our classroom next week. There are three bags being rotated through the class. Expect a bag to arrive home over the next 10 school days.

 Social Studies- Our Classroom and School Communities continued  A special “guest reader” will visit our classroom connected to this NEXT week! 


Hopes and Dreams- We will share our hopes and dreams for our first grade year and from these we will formulate our class rules. Ask your child what their hope is for their first grade year.  Think about what hopes YOU have for them and discuss this with them. This is a little “HOMEWORK” for YOUYESYOU and the wonderful parents that you are!  EXPECT some additional HOMEWORK to arrive home for YOU in the NEAR FUTURE to be RETURNED the night of OPEN HOUSE! Don’t panicit’s super simple and will help us work together on the Hopes and Dreams WE have for your child! 😊                                    

 Handwriting- Our names.

 Cut the Cake what’s this you wonder? Ask you know who.

 DAILY PLANNER BEGINS! ( By Wednesday or Thursday) Ask your little friend to read their planner entry with you each day! Please reminder them to bring it back to school each day. Ask them WHERE “its HOME” is in our classroom.

 SEESAW! What is this you ask? DETAILS are COMING SOON!


 2 MORE VOLUNTEERS for our activity Thursday, September 26th from 12:45-1:45

 ( Pretty Please! The NEED is REAL! 😉)




 *** PTO Meeting- THIS Wednesday 9/11

 ***SRS Picnic- THIS FRIDAY, September 13th! Hope to see you there! 😊

 - Check out our Schools website at: Go to the SRS page from there you can visit our classroom web page. It’s a work in progress!

 Thank you for taking the time to check your child’s folder and planner each day with them. Ask them to read their message to you each day. This might help to facilitate conversation about our school day and daily activities.

     Thank you for your time and attention.

      Have a wonderful week!       Laura Fisher



                                            First Grade News

                                 September 3, 2019

 I hope you all had a nice, restful weekend after getting back into the SWING of things last week and the beginning of the things a new school year brings! We’re off to a great start at school. I’m very impressed with your children’s ability to listen and learn routines quickly. They are an attentive bunch. We will be learning new procedures throughout the coming weeks.  It’s important that the children know “just what to do.” This promotes an atmosphere of independence, security and empowers them as learners in our classroom! They will become great examples and teachers to one another and “KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF” for sure!


  Here’s a peek at what’s coming up this week:

Literacy:  We are just in the beginning stages of creating a strong sense of community in our classroom. To further this goal and in the spirit of getting to know each other, our literacy activities will revolve around the theme of Friendship and getting to know each other.

Ask them about their friendship necklace (toward the end of the week) and what they’ve done with them.


***Getting to know you activities ***YOUR HELP IS NEEDED from home in helping your child to complete their “Getting to Know You” bags and “Taco Bout a COOL Class!” Please take note of these in your child’s backpack TODAY! These TAKE HOME ACTIVTIES will help us to “get to know” each other a bit better and be used in a special way in our classroom! Complete the activity and writing piece at home WITH your child and return them to school Monday, September 9th!  See additional details attached to each.

 Word Study Principles-

    “Your name starts with a letter that is always the same”

    “Your name starts with a capital letter. The other letters are lowercase.”

    “You can find your name by looking for the first letter.”

 The Word Wall- See if your child can tell you about the first words added to the Word Wall and what kinds of words they are.

  NEW WORD WALL WORDS- can, go, going because and friend.

   Each week 4 to 5 new words will be added to our Word Wall. I ask that you take the time to review these words at home each week. The goal is that they are able to read and spell each.

Character Word- Kind

 A character word will also be added to other Word Wall each week. Please take the time to talk to your child about this aspect of character. See if they can talk about its meaning. The children are NOT expected to know how to spell these.


  Number Sense- We are beginning to review our numbers from 1- 10. Ask your child how they used themselves and their Magic Numbers to practice these interactively.

 See if they can tell you about our first Math poem.

Monster #1 and his friends will begin to cause some trouble in our classroom by week’s end. See if any tidbits of information come home about this! SSSHHHH! He’s a surprise!

 TAKE HOME, TAKE HOME, TAKE HOME- Your child’s second take home activity will begin to circulate through the class NEXT week. Look for more information in NEXT week’s newsletter. Stay tuned 

 Social Studies- Our Classroom and School communities will be our focus for the next couple of weeks. We will begin to talk about our “Hopes and Dreams.” Ask your child about our “shared writing” in this area.

 Handwriting- We will practice our FIRST and LAST names.

 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the ABUNDANCE of classroom donations! Your generosity was amazing. We are more than “set” for awhile.

Volunteering I will be looking for classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones. Look for a sign up for at OPEN HOUSE! In the meantime, I am looking for 5 volunteers to help in our classroom for a special activity connected to Math and Science on Monday, September 26th from 12:45- 1:45pm. Send in a note if you are interested A.S.A.P.

CORI FORMS- Cori Forms MUST BE picked up at our SCHOOL OFFICE and COMPLETED BEFORE you are able to assist in ANY school activities! 


*ALL necessary SCHOOL FORMS by 9/5

*Scholastic Book orders due by 9/5

* Take Home Activities: “Getting to Know You” bags and “Taco About a COOL class!” writing due: 9/9

* PTO Meeting- 9/11

* SRS Family Picnic- Friday, 9/13! Hope to see you there!

*Early Release for students- 9/30

FIELD TRIP to MEAOWVIEW FARM- T.B.A. (Information coming soon!)

SEESAW!!!! What is this you ask? Stay turned for ALL the DETAILS coming soon!

OPEN HOUSE: 10/2 (6-7:30pm)

*School Pictures: 10/3

Fall Book Fair- 10/7- 10/11

Parent/Teacher Conferences- 10/29 (Early Release for students)

 *** Don’t forget to refer to our school website to stay updated and informed. I will post our weekly newsletter, pictures and other important information. CHECK OUT Mrs. Fisher’s First Grade on our classroom page to see a “SNEAK PEEK” of your child’s classroom! Other postings will follow! J Just go to and select Southampton Road School.

    Thank you for your time and attention!

             Have a wonderful week!   Sincerely, Laura Fisher