Classroom Newsletters



September 1, 2016


Dear First Grade Parents,

             A new school year has begun and I am pleased to have the   opportunity to work with your child at Southampton Rd. School. I look forward to meeting all of you in the near future.


            Please take time to carefully read the following paragraphs as I have much information to share and hopefully it will answer some of your questions.


             The pocket folder that contains this letter has been provided to your child for transporting papers between home and school.  Students will be expected to bring this folder home each day and return it to school each morning.  Please inspect it each day.  I will try to check the folders each morning but please remind your child to hand me any notes from home when he/she arrives in school.  If your child is going home by a different mode of transportation that has been established, please send a note.  Also, if your child is absent please telephone the school to leave a message.


             Please complete and return all the enclosed forms.  The two school emergency cards (1 white and 1 yellow) require 2 telephone numbers listed that could be called upon in case of a school emergency. Also, please return the permission form regarding the student handbook. Please return all forms  and emergency cards by this Friday if possible. You will be contacted by school personnel if the information is not returned within a reasonable time frame.


             Hot lunch may be purchased for $2.30/day or a weekly ticket can be bought and returned to your child daily. Cold lunch can also be brought from home.  First graders find the first weeks of school exhausting.  We have lunch at 12:00 and we will have a juice and snack break in the morning.      A juice box or water bottle may be brought from home.  For snack, I request each student send in a box of crackers which we will all share.  This way everyone has the same snack. I will let you know if we have anyone in class who has food allergies.  Please be conscious of nutritional needs as you select snacks with your child to share with classmates.




            In first grade we use daily planners as a way to initiate that discussion of “What did you do in school today?” The cost of the planner is $5.00 and the plastic take home folder is $1.00.  Please send the $6.00 in a labeled envelope at your earliest convenience. 



     Our special schedule is as follows:

                   Monday: Art         

                   Tuesday:  Technology

                   Wednesday: Health

                   Thursday: Gym (sneakers please)

                   Friday: Music         


Our specials will be in the afternoon. The children will also visit the school library one day a week.


      The school’s Open House will be Tuesday, October 18.  Additional information with specific details will follow. 


Lots of information….!!!  May I suggest you save this letter to use as a reference.  I believe strongly in good communication between home and school.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  It’s difficult to speak with me during the school day, but I’m happy to make telephone calls after school or in the evenings.  If you call the school during the day, your message is left in my school mailbox.


             Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to an exciting year with your child.




  Ann Marie Buell           


News from Mrs. Buell’s Room


So many “Thank you’s” for such a great beginning to the new school year-


Thank you for returning all the necessary paperwork to school so promptly. Please remember to return the $6.00 needed for the school provided planner and folder if you have not already done so.   


Thank you for sending in snacks for the whole class.  I know this is a different policy than kindergarten but I find this works best. Please remember to send a drink with your child for snack each day. It is fine for children to bring a fresh fruit or vegetable snack from home if that is your preference. We have no food allergies in class this year. There are 23 children in class- 10 boys, 13 girls.


Thank you for being sure your child attends school well-rested.  The children are doing great and we have gotten so much accomplished in a short time. We are working on building classroom community and establishing rules together.  



Our class visits the school library on Thursday mornings.  The children are allowed to take out two books at a time. Please be sure they are returned each week so your child may borrow new books.



School Pictures will be on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Open House will be Tuesday, Oct. 18. I look forward to seeing you then.





Additional notes-

Your child may bring in an item for sharing in the brown bag that was sent home the first week.  Please have your child bring in an item on the assigned day that was listed on the brown bag.  Please let me know if you need another bag.




There is a new school policy that food will no longer be able to be brought in to celebrate birthdays. You can have your child provide small, non-edible treats such as pencils for the class if so desired.  We will do something special in class, such as an extra recess break.  If your child has a favorite stuffed toy, he/she may bring that to school on his/her birthday.




Scholastic Book orders forms will only be sent home 3 times during the year. If you wish to order books with your child, you may do so on-line or you can send in cash or a check payable to Scholastic Books in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.